Hello, welcome to my site.

My name is Martin Lancaric and everybody calls me Martini. Since 20 years in Obergurgl fully qualified Ski instructor and Ski guide (Staatlich geprüfter Skilehrer und Skiführer). I started my ski career in Vent. For three summers. 2000-2002 I got to Australia (Mt.Buller Race Club) as a ski trainer for the children. Since 1999 I am working professionally in the ski resort Obergurgl. With all my experience, know how of biomechanic and my enthusiasm, I would like to make skiing easy for you. For more information click here.

Besides skiing during the summer season, I work as a professional golf instructor. Since 2011 I am a member of PGA SLOVAKIA. In 2013, I successfully completed my 3 year study at the Professional Golf Coach in Prague. Im married and I have two kids. Golf, skiing and skialp are not only my job but also passion and hobby. I play  golf since fifteen years. In teaching golf I place great emphasis on proper didactics, methodology and communication with the clients. Whether children, individuals or groups, a simple and fun way of teaching, I do the courses throughout the season and my priority is to demonstrate the beauty of this game first. For more information click here

I speak fluent German, English and Russian.